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Exactly what I was looking for

A simple but effective AirTag holder that matches perfectly to the Marty collar and infinity leash I purchased in apple. There are some AirTag holders that clip or dangle onto your dogs collar/harness which I wasn't a fan of but this works great. Recommend!

The only leash you need!

This really is the best leash and worth the price. The quality is great and I really love that you can buy it in a set so I was able to get a collar, leash and air tag holder all in apple. Definitely recommend!

Just what I was looking for!

Like most people that use martingale collars, my dog has a small head and is a little escape artist when she's being stubborn on walks. I haven't had much luck finding a cute collar that also had a buckle until I found the Marty collar! I purchased a set in apple and we've received so many compliments on our walks. My dog has been wearing it only for a few weeks but its holding up well, the only thing it's missing is a tag holder or another small ring in brass would make it perfect.

Wanted to love it

Material is just a bit awkward to handle and my puppy chewed it up within a day so I didn’t really get the chance to use it.

Only hands-free leash for fat people

I searched long and hard for a hands free leash that could accommodate waist sizes over 48” and this is the ONLY product I could find. Luckily for me, it’s a high quality product. Can’t recommend this leash enough to fat dog owners.

Infinity Leash
Heather Abern

Super convenient for long walks or hiking giving my hands a break plus it gives me more control of my very pulling pup.

Marty Collar
Heather Abern

Super cute and sturdy! My husky is a escape artist and couldn’t get out of this one!

Everything you could ever want in a leash… and more.

"I received the aptly-named Awoo Infinity Leash (in the color Slate) as a gift and it truly exceeded all my expectations. I thought I might not use it the multiple ways it’s intended for, but it’s really come in handy many times in the relatively short amount of time I’ve owned it. I use the slip lead function the most, followed by the long leash and the double leash.

I have 5 dogs between 5 and 65 lbs, 3 of which look especially phenomenal in this color (2 white dogs and a black dog). It’s my favorite color and it matches all my other mint/pastel green belongings perfectly, including my dogs’ bowls and my iPhone. I can’t wait to buy the matching AwPoo Bag Holder from Awoo’s signature walk set. 😍

The hand-polished brass clasps are beautiful and I LOVE that the average Awoo purchase helps to repurpose the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles. Do yourself and the earth a favor and buy the Infinity Leash!"

My dog loves this harness

Best harness we’ve tried so far, plus the colors are great. I love that it has multiple attachment points.

Doesn't make my dog nervous

On long walks I drop the leash so my dog can practice recall but the leash makes him easy to grab just in case. Because the poo bag holder is soft and doesn't make a sound I can leave it attached to the leash on the ground and it doesn't make my dog nervous. Also super easy to clean.

Always there

I slide this onto my Infinity Leash and I always know its there, because it's attached to the leash I can easily see if it needs a refill. It's easy to clean.

Infinity Leash
Gia Kobara
Favorite leash

I love this leash, use it every day. It's light enough for my 19 lb boy. I love how functional it is, I'm a sucker for smart design. Best leash ever.

Happy/Healthy Chewing!

Yay! Millie loves her bone. With how often she ends up eating parts of her toys we have such peace of mind knowing the materials are non-toxic/digestible and help keep her teeth clean. We had been looking for low-impact pup things for a while so we were really psyched to come across Awoo - really happy the wool is also ethically sourced too! Of course, we had to get the one that matched her collar and leash, LOL :)

City Leash
Perfect Everyday Leash

Getting this leash was a no-brainer after getting the infinity leash! It is the perfect length for our morning walks together. The handle is thick and comfy to hold, it's easy to wash, and the hardware is super strong/nice. Love love loving the color!

Lovin' Hands-Free Hikes & Jogs

This was the first leash I bought from Awoo and we absolutely love it for walking, jogging and hiking hands-free. You can latch it wherever you want along the leash which is super helpful depending on who is using it, it really is so universal. It is also easy to wash when adventures get a little muddy/dirty and all of the hardware has stayed strong and nice since we bought it. Not to mention, so cute :)

So versatile

Charlotte is a great walker and doesn't really pull so I looove when a leash gives me a handsfree option. In this case, this leash has so many different options. It's also easy to clean and sturdy! I'm sure that even if Charlotte did pull, it would hold up. I want one in every color!

Comfy Classic!

Love this harness! It's so well made and the custom fit is perfect! Love that you can loosen it a bit to wear over sweaters in the winter. Charlotte dreads putting on most harnesses but not this one because it's roomy enough to not make her feel uncomfortable but secure enough that I don't need to worry about her slipping out. Very easy to clean as well.


Love the versatility and multifunctional! Use it everyday.

City Leash
Beautiful leash

This leash is both functional and adorable! Perfect for any pup;) I love the hardware on the leash!

Comfortable and cute

My dogs loves this harness. I can tell because she doesn't run away when I try to put it on, unlike her other harnesses. We got the cider color and it's lighter than it looks in the photos but very cute. Unfortunately, I have to readjust the fit a couple times a week because it gets loose after a few walks. My dog is 58lb so might not be an issue for a smaller dog.

Infinity Leash
Cooper W

Love all the different ways the leash can be used. Its the perfect handsfree leash. Love the green color.

Pretty good!

I think this leash would be great for a bigger dog. It’s really nicely adjustable which I love and is wonderful for hands free walking or sitting on a patio. The heavy metal hardware really pulls the harness to the side on our 20 pound pup, though, so it’s not her favorite.

My harness-hating dog doesn’t hate it

My dog hates every harness and often flat out refuses to walk while wearing one- and this is by far her least hated harness ever! We’ve tried so many brands (from basics to hip, expensive brands that just didn’t fit at all and we had to return) and this one fits her unique body shape thanks to being very adjustable and seems pretty comfy! We have two of the super cute colors and they have held up surprisingly well for several years now.


The leash is stunning and so easy to use. I loved it. And it is not heavy!!

Stylish Harness

Love the color of this harness. It fits this shiba well (Small).