How do you pronounce Awoo?

[ahh-woo] noun

+ A puppy's howl

Discounts and Bundle Discounts

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Enter code 'CABOODLE' at checkout when purchasing 3 or more items from the Whole Kit & Caboodle collection (Infinity Leash, Pack Collar, Roam Harness, Huggie Harness and AwPoo Bag Holder). The offer includes mix of any colors and sizes. This offer can be combined with ONE other discount.

Customers can combine any TWO discounts at checkout. Free shipping will be automatically applied to orders over $100.

Item Care

Please be aware lighter colors will show the appearance of dirt faster than darker colors. Follow care instructions to restore items to like-new condition. 

Place items with their brass hardware in a pillowcase or washing bag and wash on cold setting with standard detergent. Hang to air dry.

Remove bags and hand wash with warm soapy water. Air dry. Dishwasher safe.

Squeeze half lemon into bowl. Add 1 teaspoon baking soda to bowl to create paste. Gently rub paste in one direction on brass. Rinse off and dry.  Buff with clean, dry cloth. Repeat as necessary until brass shines.

What is a Tension Connection?

A Tension connection, otherwise known as a martingale loop, is a humane collar that allows for added control during walks without the dangerous or uncomfortable effects of a choke collar.  

The tension connection is created by an additional loop of strap threaded horizontally through two hardware rings at the point of leash connection. When the dog tries to pull, the loop strap is pulled taut, creating a tension that tightens the harness or collar making it easier to safely control your dog. Properly fitted, the harness will be comfortably loose whenever the dog is not pulling against the leash.

How do I safely use my items?

»   Collars should always be used under supervision. Always remove collar during play and when unsupervised. Not recommended as main point of connection during tie-out.

»   Our leash is designed to make it easy to secure your dog while out, but they should never be left unsupervised while attached to the leash.

»   Excessive exposure to water, sun, or extreme temperatures can lead to color fade and weakened fibers. Always check fit and condition of item before using. 

»   None of our items are intended for use with extreme outdoor activities or any use other than described.

»   Just like with self-driving cars, our hands-free leash option still requires your diligence.  An unexpected tug from your pup could result in loss of balance and injury. Please always pay attention. 

Measurements & Fitting

Click here for the fit guide.

»   For most comfortable fit you should be able to place two fingers in between the product and your dog’s body.

Materials & Manufacturing

Finding manufacturing partners that share our values is a top priority at Awoo.

We currently manufacture in China and Taiwan with factories who prioritize worker safety, fair wages and product quality. They also share our love of animals.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, as well as chemical restrictions.

The goal of the GRS is to increase use of recycled material in products and eliminate the harm caused by traditional production practices.

Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. 

Production requires 59 percent less energy in comparison to virgin polyester, according to a 2017 study by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. rPET production also reduces CO2 emissions by 32 percent in comparison to virgin polyester.

Recycled polyester gives a second life to a material that’s not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. According to the NGO Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year, on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circulate in marine environments. If we keep this pace, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Gift Cards

At this time gift cards are not available for purchase but are instead used within competitions and giveaways at the shop owners discretion.

To redeem the value of a gift card, enter its unique code at checkout. This code is case sensitive. A gift card holds a balance, which can be spent over more than one order.

When redeeming a gift card:

- If the balance available on the gift card is greater than or equal to the order total, then click Complete order.

- If the balance available on the gift card is less than the order total, then you will be prompted to choose a second payment method for the balance before placing the order.

This gift card:

(i)             Is not reloadable

(ii)            Value is fixed, more money cannot be added

(iii)           If only part of the total value is used, the rest of the value is not transferable to another                          customer

(iv)          Gift card cannot be redeemed for cash

(v)            It does not include any activation fees or service fees

(vi)          No credit refunds on gift card purchases. Products can only be exchanged

(vii)         If no expiration date is detailed on the card it does not expire

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