Awoo's story began in 2018 in lower Manhattan.

We met at work and soon bonded over our almost identical black rescue pups, as well as our shared frustration with the lack of stylish and eco-friendly pet products available in the market.

Determined to change this, we set out to modernize pet accessories with a focus on sustainability, function and style. Leveraging our design and manufacturing expertise, we sourced durable, eco-friendly materials and added innovative features to traditional silhouettes.

Our mission was clear – to create the company we wished existed, a brand that not only brings joy to pets and their people but also contributes to a greener, happier world.

Now, that's worth howling about!

Mallory MacDonald

Joint CEO & Brand Director

Meet Mallory, our Jersey City-based designer and proud dog mom to Beatrix, a rescue pup with an insatiable appetite for all things edible (and sometimes, inedible). After years in the fashion industry, Mallory's journey in design evolved into a passion for sustainable manufacturing and sourcing, igniting a desire to make a positive impact on the planet and the pet industry.

Francine Evans

Joint CEO & Design Director

Meet Francine, our London-based designer and devoted dog mom to Bagheera, a Romanian rescue with a unique talent for withholding affection. With a background as a CAD artist in the fashion industry, Francine brings technical design expertise, a keen eye for emerging materials, and a passion for UX/UI design, infusing the Awoo team with a blend of artistry and tech-savviness.


We're devoted to creating pet essentials with you, your best pal, and the planet in mind. Your passion and love for your pets inspire our designs, and we take great pride in listening to your needs and preferences. Together, we're crafting products that not only elevate the lives of our pets but also reflect our shared values.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Awoo pack!