Recycled Fiber Webbing Strap & Cord

Water resistant, abrasion resistant, high tensile strength, soft hand feel

100% GRS-certified recycled polyester

Tubular weave cording and webbing made from recycled plastic.  

Recycled Air Mesh

Water resistant, abrasion resistant, high tensile strength, soft hand feel.

100% GRS-certified recycled polyester

Performance quality textile made from recycled plastic.  

Brass Hardware

Naturally anti-microbial, anti-corrosive, hand-polished, chemically-untreated.

100% natural brass

High-quality metal that retains color and finish without the help of chemical plating or coating.


BPA- and PVC-free, waterproof, durable, easy clean, dishwasher safe, low-waste manufacturing.

100% silicone

Durable silicone can be trusted to withstand extreme temperatures and activities while keeping up performance and shape.

Digital Printing

Full color match capabilities, minimal color-bleed, low waste, long-lasting.

100% recycled polyester

Digital printing process is more precise and uses less ink and water than traditional screen printing techniques, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. 

Awoo has sourced materials that are more earth-friendly, and we have consciously kept the chemical makeup of each material pure so it can be easily recycled.