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Enrichment bowl

Makes for a perfect treat bowl to keep my dogs busy on rainy days!

Huggie Harness
I wanted to love it, but the harness didn't work for us.

I love the color and look of this harness, but it has proven to be not the right fit for my puppy. Because the front straps have no clips, getting her in and out of it requires loosening the ties and re-tightening them several times a day. It's too cumbersome. I have the whole leash set and am bummed this harness didn't work out as I think it's so cute.

So versatile and cute and works amazing for my husky

Marty Collar
Namiko Kajiwara

Marty Collar

Link Felt Toy
Shan Jiang

Link Felt Toy

Awoo x Studio Arugula Ceramic Wave Bowl
Amber Ortiz
Beautiful High Quality Bowl

I love this bowl! It’s the perfect size for my dog, and it’s incredibly unique. I hope it’s restocked soon so I can buy more!!

Bone Felt Toy
Anne Paulson
Norm LOVED it!

The felt bone was a gift for our puppy nephew, Norm! He loves it!! Perfect chewing experience for him

Have a Ball Felt Trio
Mallory MacDonald
my dog won't stop asking to play fetch

One of my dogs is fetch-obsessed and has been bringing these balls to me nonstop. He clearly loves them but I can't get a break.

Pullin' Posies Felt Toy
Mallory MacDonald
So Cute!

Love the color and the materials. My dog is having a blast with it chewing and playing tug of war. It's held up well since she got it at Christmas- pretty tough!

My dog carries this toy around

My dog carries this toy around from room to room. She won't even chew on it she just loves to hold it and will occasionally ask to play tug. I'm thinking about buying more just in case we lose this one so she won't have to go without it.

Sweethearts Felt Toy
Mallory MacDonald
Love these!

My dog loved the original links so I just bought these as a Valentine's Day surprise for her. It is so cute and we love that they are plastic-free like the original link toy!

Great for toothless senior!

I have two toothless senior dogs who enjoy lick mats, but I do not enjoy the clean up. These are great because they are still shallow but have enough sides that the food doesn’t fall out. I’ve searched for something for my babies and these are perfect!

adorable! great packaging and quick shipping. love it

Marty Collar
Jessica Heleotis

I’m obsessed with the collars I purchased for my dogs (4 in total!) and after I ended up purchasing the city leash and it’s the absolute best! I highly recommend!!

Cute Toy - Not Durable

I thought these pull toys were so cute! I bought one as a gift and one for my dog. Unfortunately in less than 10 minutes both dogs chewed through the rope.

Fetch! AirTag Holder
Valeria Arestov

Fetch! AirTag Holder

BEST “chewy” for teething pups!

I train Australian labradoodle pups exclusively, and I LOVE this item! I try to send them home with each puppy, to help set their families up for success through adolescence, and it’s a product I trust to be safe as well - I’ve done my research on the makers and the product quality. I only wish there were even more items like this one :)

Sketch Bandana
Emma Fawley

these are the cutest ever !!

Durable, multi-functional, fashionable leash

I’ve tried a few leashes now (from Petco, Amazon, and even the Foggy Dog) and the Awoo City Leash is my favorite by far. My puppy has chewed through other leashes and this one has stood the test of time better than the others. The rope is super sturdy and there’s no fragile stitching for her to get through.

With other leashes I’ve had issues with the clip being too big or heavy for my 12-lb puppy. This claw clip is perfect - sturdy, easy to open and close, and totally size appropriate for clipping onto the harness of a small dog. I think because of how sturdy it is, it would work really well for bigger dogs too.

The infinity leash has a couple extra things but I didn’t think I’d need them and I was right. The city leash is a perfect length for regular loose-leash walking. The clipped handle makes it so that I can quickly tie my puppy up or even clip it to my belt loop or treat pouch to be hands free when needed.

A lot of other dog supplies with gold hardware I have found get easily scratched and turn brassy, but the hardware on my city leash has stayed nice and new looking.

I am so happy I finally found a cute, fashionable leash that doesn’t sacrifice function. Worth every penny.

High quality harness, slightly oversized

I’ve tried a few different harnesses for my pup and my Awoo harness is my favorite. The material is high quality, I got the black so it doesn’t show dirt very easily at all, it withstands my puppy’s rough play (just some slight fraying on the front where she chews it, but she wouldn’t be able to do that if it fit a little better). My only small qualm that keeps me from giving 5 stars is that I used the fit guide associated with this product and the harness is still a little too big on its tightest settings. My pup has a 15.5” chest girth which is borderline between X-Small and Small, but since she’s still growing I went with the small. According to the fit guide it should fit her but it is a bit loose. Not loose enough for her to escape, but loose enough for her to bend her chin towards her chest and chew on it a little bit.

All in all, I’d say if you have a fully grown dog or are in the middle of a size range, this is a perfect harness. If your puppy is still growing and is a little chewy, I’d probably go with something a little cheaper so that you can make sure you get the perfect snug fit and not have to worry about your pup growing out of it.

Splash Mats
Nicole Youngblut
Great Product

I love our mats, and use them multiple times a day. Would recommend!

Marty Collar
Sarah Pecaut

Marty Collar

Splash Mats
Sarah Martin

My dog, Daisy, started eating really fast. She started getting sick so I thought a slow feeder would be best for her. She loves to forage in the grass and I notice she does the same with this slow feeder. My only complaint is that the base is not solid, I would love for it to be solid since I add water to her food and I have spilt her food before. But other than that we love this slow feeder, and it is just so cute.

Marty Collar
Stacey Leary

Marty Collar

Awoo Beanie
Tiffany Cabrera

Awoo Beanie