City Leash Tips & Tricks

The City Leash is designed to accommodate everyone. Its versatility knows no bounds. Whether you're training, running errands, or walking multiple dogs, the City Leash offers customizable options for every need. Check out our City Leash tutorial video for a detailed guide on its functions, which include five different functions.

To move the figure-8 sliders, start by pulling outward on the loop of cord atop the slider to create slack. This will allow you to effortlessly position the slider on the leash. Once positioned, remove the slack by gently pulling the cord on either side until the leash is taut.

The City Leash offers multiple secure attachment methods for your dog's collar, harness, or even as a slip collar – the choice is yours.

Crafting a handle is a breeze. Find the leash end that has a double row of cording. At the base of that section above the silicone cap you will find a slit or opening between the 2 cords. Attach the clasp to around one piece of cording in that section. Voila! You've got yourself a handle.

The City Leash adapts to all stages of your dog's life. Whether it's leash training a pup or leisurely walks with a senior canine, the City Leash offers features tailored to your needs. For novices, the training collar function is ideal, aiding in walk etiquette. For experienced walkers, the waist options offer comfort and control.

While the City Leash can't cure pulling tendencies, it assists in training by conveying your commands while ensuring safety. For pullers, the training collar function is your go-to, maintaining tension without choking and preventing slips during training.

Weighing 7 oz., the City Leash accommodates various breeds, from miniature dachshunds to Mastiffs. It may be a bit heavy for toy-sized dogs, so we recommend opting for other alternatives.