Offsetting Our Carbon Pawprint with Greenspark!

Offsetting Our Carbon Pawprint with Greenspark!

At Awoo, we love dogs and we love the planet. (It’s Awoo’s motto, after all!) That’s why in April 2021, we began our partnership with Greenspark, a company that not only helps eco-conscious businesses offset their carbon emissions but also provides real-time impact tracking.

Awoo's recycled walk essentials, Infinity Leash, AwPoo Bag Holder, and Huggie Harness in olive color sit posed on white blocks with a paper background of two tone rolling hills with yellow flowers.

Greenspark works by funding projects around the world that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These projects range from deforestation initiatives to solar farm funding. For every purchase you make at Awoo, we donate money to Greenspark to support these projects.

There are a lot of carbon offset companies that we could have chosen to partner with (and in the past, we have), so we know you’ll appreciate all the reasons we selected Greenspark as our official partner.

  1. They're transparent. Greenspark provides detailed information about their projects, so we can be sure that our money is being used effectively.
  2. They're impactful. Greenspark's projects are all verified by independent organizations, so we can be confident that our offsetting is having a real impact on the environment.
  3. We can track our progress in real-time! Visit the Awoo Impact Page to see exactly how much we have collectively achieved together since April 2021.

Here's a sneak peek at what our collective impact has been thanks to you:

  • Awoo has planted over 1,000 trees.

  • Awoo has rescued over 100 pounds of plastic from the ocean.

  • Awoo has helped to reduce over 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Golden lab puppy stands on top of sculpted bench wearing an olive collar and leash surrounded by palm trees.

We're so proud of what we've been able to accomplish with the help of our pack. And we're excited to continue working with Greenspark to make a positive impact on the planet.

Hugs & Belly Rubs, 

Mallory & Francine

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