The rePAWpose Program: A New "Leash" on Life!

The rePAWpose Program: A New "Leash" on Life!

Greetings, fellow pet lovers and planet-preservers! Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with your pup's old collars once they have outgrown them? Or whether its worthwhile to donate an extremely well loved leash? Us too. Which is why we launched Awoo's RePAWpose program.

What is the RePAWpose Program? Back in 2021, we launched a recycling initiative to encourage the Awoo pack to return their used Awoo items in exchange for store credit. We're talking about gear that has been well-loved, weathered, and maybe even chewed on by our adorable furry friends. We believed that these items still had plenty of life left and could bring joy to other pets in need. And we were right! Since the program's launch, approximately 34% of Awoo's yearly customers have chosen to participate, with about 50% of the returned items being donated to local shelters and the remaining items being repurposed or responsibly recycled.

We invite the Awoo pack to take part in the program by either returning eligible Awoo items to earn a store credit of $5 per item or donating them to animal rescues, which earns a store credit of $3 per item. To ensure the effectiveness of donated items, we kindly request that only fully functional and undamaged products be donated. This initiative keeps Awoo items out of landfills, gives them a second life, and supports both our customers and animal rescue organizations.

By participating in RePAWpose, you're not only decluttering your pet's wardrobe but also making a meaningful contribution to shelter animals. Your donation can provide a safe and comfortable collar for a rescue pup or a reliable leash for a newly adopted furry friend. It's a simple act of kindness that can have a significant impact on the lives of these deserving animals. 

We understand your eagerness to get involved and make an impact. It's as simple as gathering the Awoo items that are ready for a new home and donating them to our RePAWpose program. By doing so, you'll join a community of caring individuals who appreciate the value of repurposing and supporting animal rescue organizations.

Remember, every donation matters. Let's make a difference, one lovingly repurposed product at a time. Together, we can create a brighter future for our furry friends in needs.

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