SPOTlight: Meet Petphoria's Grace & Beni

SPOTlight: Meet Petphoria's Grace & Beni

 Why we love Grace & Petphoria: 

Petphoria is the whole package. They not only offer gram-worthy apparel and delicious smelling dog treats but each product line has been thoughtfully created to have a positive impact. 
Petphoria's line of luxury treats is made by bakers living with disabilities through a non-profit organization called the Eisenhower Ike Center. Every order ships with a hand signed card from the baker letting you know who needs to be thanked for the most delicious smelling dog treats that have ever graced your pantry.
Petphoria also offers a line of handmade graphic t's and sweatshirts. Among the sweatshirts of fun and sassy dog mom-isms, Grace has a added a line of charitable apparel aimed to shine light on the increase in racially-motivated crimes against the AAPI community. Her 'Dogs Don't Discriminate' and 'Stop Asian Hate' shirts raise funds for the victims of hate crimes and AAPI organizations. 
When Grace says Petphoria is a brand with a "furpose". She means it. What's not to love? 

Q: What is your dog’s name and nicknames?

 A: Beni is his name! Nicknames for him include: bug, nini (what his grandma calls him), buggie, booper, chicken, stinky, list goes on and on... 

Q: How would you describe Beni's personality? 

A: He is the dog version of me, whether I like it or not. He has a HUGE personality in such a little guy. In fact, when people are around Beni, they always tell me how much of a personality he has and how quickly they see that once they meet him or are around him for a short period of time. As far as describing his personality – he is particular and knows what he likes/wants. He is also a Cali boy so just super chill and wants to be around all the humans, all the time.  

Q: Does Beni have any funny quirks or habits?

A: Yes - that comes to mind right away is his "alfalfa sprout". It must be the way his hair grows or something, but he always seems to have some sort of "alfalfa sprout" where his hair just kind of sticks up a little more right on the top of his head than the rest. I love that about him.

Habits, I would say his funniest habit would be that he loves to "breakdance". Meaning he loves to rub his back on the carpet. It is especially funny and cute in the mornings because he not only does that (to wake both himself and you up) but he will also paw at his face, almost like it's "rubbing his eyes", and his hair will be all crazy. It is the best thing in the mornings to wake up to honestly. 

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with Beni?

A:  When we lived in California, it was going on hikes together! Beni loves to hike and will pee on literally every single square inch on our hikes, even if there is nothing left!

Q: Tell us about Petphoria. 

A: Petphoria started because of my love for Beni. He has helped me through so much in my life with anxiety and depression. He has been my backbone and has been the one who is always there for me, no matter. I knew I wanted to give back to him somehow, just to thank him, and thought "well I’m sure other owners feel this way about their dog too". That is what lead me to Petphoria and dog treats, because who's dogs’ tail doesn't wag when you bring out the treats?! 

Petphoria is committed to providing delicious and nutritious luxury dog treats, bringing them to their euphoric state, one treat at a time. In addition, we are committed to providing people living with disabilities, the opportunity to learn basic job functions as they individually hand make all our treats. 

Q: What word of advice would you give to other entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: There's never going to be a perfect time, so do it. Also, there are going to be more people out there that tell you "no" or will try to discourage you from following your dream of entrepreneurship, overcome that. This world has space for everyone, so I encourage entrepreneurship!

Give Grace & Beni a follow @petphoria and we highly recommend purchasing some of their treats. The Blueberry Apple flavor smells so darn good you'll be tempted to try them out yourself!

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