SPOTlight: Meet Mood Good's Rosie & Vivi

SPOTlight: Meet Mood Good's Rosie & Vivi

Why we love Rosie & Mood Good.  
The Awoo founders come from the jewelry world. That is where we originally met and where we initially crossed paths with Rosie Greener of Mood Good. Because of our history within the industry, we understand the time and toil that goes into creating the individual pieces that you wear every single day. We also understand how rare it is for an independent jewelry brand to stand out in what often feels like an over-saturated market. And trust us- Mood Good does just that- it stands out. 
Rosie has managed to crack the code and create the perfect balance of timeless yet trendy keepsake pieces that are universally playful but personalized for each lucky wearer. On top of that (not so small) feat- Rosie also maintains ethical production practices by creating each piece from recycled metals in small workshops throughout London. 
If you have not yet had the pleasure to peruse Mood Good’s website - please do. You will find yourself grinning as you scroll. If the ‘Happy Teardrop’ collection, has you smirking then ‘Pet Portrait’ collab with Limpet Store will have you all out cheesing.
True to its name. Rosie Greener’s Mood Good is here to elevate your day with a bit of joy and humor.

Q: What is your dog’s name? 

A: She is called Vivi, also known as Vivianna, Bobbins, Parsnips, Miss Indepen-dog!

Q: How would you describe your Vivi's personality?

A: Vivi is a Romanian rescue dog who was found in a forest when she was a pup, so she has a fierce sense of independence! She will always be a nervous pup, but when she is in her familiar surroundings, she is gentle, cheeky and full of personality!


Q: Does Vivi have any funny quirks or habits?

A: Myles (my partner) and I are absolutely convinced that she has a sense of humour! She loves making us laugh, and if she does something silly that makes us giggle, she will do it again and again. When she is really happy, she grunts like a pig and she also loves to tip all of the cushions off the sofa! She just has such a funny little personality.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with Vivi?

A: One of the things that Myles and I love to do with her is play hide and seek. Whether in the house or at the park, one of us will hide and the other one will say 'Where has Rosie gone?' or 'Where has Myles gone?' and her tail will start wagging and she will run around and find us. She is very good at it. It never takes her very long and she always gets so excitable when she discovers us!

Q: Tell us about Mood Good.

A: I started Mood Good because I wanted to create well designed, timeless, and happy jewellery. I had a clear vision of the brand and the kind of product that I wanted to make, and I knew that if I worked hard enough, I could make it a reality. My mission is to make it easy for people to choose a piece of Mood Good jewellery, which is timeless and has been made in a positive way, over the alternative.

Q: What word of advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs.

A: Be patient! Good things take time and if you want to build something that has integrity and longevity, it is not going to happen overnight. Also, think carefully about what is important to you within what you want to build; whether it is ethics, quality, or integrity, and make sure those things are non-negotiables in every decision that you make. Building a business takes a lot of time and energy, so you want to make sure you are creating something that you are really proud of and happy with.


Give Rosie a follow @moodgoodjewellery and treat yourself to one of her timeless pieces. We also recommend heading to her blog. You'll get to know Rosie, learn her process, and leave feeling empowered to make better shopping decisions. 

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