SPOTlight: Meet Chippin Co-founder Laura & Peanut

SPOTlight: Meet Chippin Co-founder Laura & Peanut
Why we love Chippin. 
Not only does Chippin make delicious (and healthy) pet treats for your best bud but they are revolutionizing the pet food industry with their focus on sustainable alternative protein. When we first read the stats comparing insect and algae protein to traditional beef and poultry protein - our heads just about exploded. In every way that matters (water usage, CO2 emissions, AND nutrition) cricket and spirulina protein is shockingly superior. While humans may not find the idea of eating crickets palatable -you better believe our pups do. (Beatrix can attest to that.)
Chippin co-founders, Laura Colagrande and Haley Russell are also badass dog moms. We've witnessed first hand how hardworking and passionate they are about their mission. They are making big moves within the pet space and we are excited to see what's next for them. 
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Q: What is your dog’s name? 

A: Name is Little Peanut but he goes by Peanut, "Patatina" (Italian for little potato), "Amore" (Italian for love).

Q: How would you describe your pup’s personality? 

A: Loyal and very affectionate. She takes her time getting comfortable with new people or even other dogs, but once she likes you, she is the sweetest, and so charming. I have a few friends that were afraid of dogs prior to meeting Peanut and now they love dogs (and of course love Peanut!). One of them adopted her first dog just last month.

Q: Does Peanut have any funny quirks or habits?

A: She loves napping on the couch next to me as I am working. Now and then she will wake up and tap me on my hand with one paw to get my attention in a very human-like way. It is the cutest thing. She never barks but she will tap your hand till you cuddle her. 

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with Peanut? 

A: Saturday morning coffee walks, and...just every day, having her next to me as I am working. 

Laura & Haley of Chippin wearing Chippin Brand Hats pictured with Peanut

Q: How and why did you start Chippin? How would you describe Chippin's mission?

A: High quality pet nutrition that reduces the carbon pawprint. We started Chippin because we love dogs and planet-saving food. Personally, and professionally, for me starting Chippin meant that I was able to work on the things that I find more interesting, challenging, and exciting: building a game-changing brand, tackling a big, urgent issue (climate change), and of, course dogs. We started Chippin to empower people to "chip in" with food that is better for their dog and our planet. Pet nutrition was confusing, and I have always felt that global warming is seen as this big, overwhelming thing. With Chippin we are changing that. We are building the future of pet food, high quality, low carbon pawprint. On a personal note, also, I was born and raised in Italy, so I have a deep appreciation for food, the memories, and rituals created around eating with your family and people you love. And that's too, key to the Chippin ethos, making the best food experience for our four-legged family member.

Laura snacks on Chippin Treats to show it is human grade.

Q: What word of advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

A: Trust your vision and be comfortable with ups and downs. And stay focused.  For when I feel stuck, this is one of my favorite quotes: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." (Viktor E. Frankl). I am sure that quote resonates with many, personally, I love it because I think it's easier to get stuck when you are building something new. This reminds me that it's on me to "unstuck" myself, stay optimistic and make it happen.  


Head to Chippin  to learn more about their environmental impact and get your hands on the Awoo x Chippin Bundle

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