10 Ways to Use the Infinity Leash


In my mind, there is a distinct difference between life before the Infinity Leash (which we’ll refer to as BL), and life after (referred to as AL).

BL, I would hesitate to bring Beatrix on casual errand runs because of the hassle of tethering and handling a leash while juggling an arm full of items. Now (AL), I never think twice about taking Bea with me on store runs.  I know I can count on the Infinity Leash's multiple functions while I check items off my to-do list.

Typically, I walk Bea on the long leash with the semi-slip collar, quickly tether her when I pop into the store, and then switch to cross-body when my hands are full of bags. Life AL is so much easier. Is it too much to say that the Infinity Leash makes me feel like a badass, multi-tasking ninja? And a better dog mom? 

We know that the Infinity Leash, with it's double clasps and long length might feel like an open-ended question, so consider this your cheat sheet. The how-to video shows only 10 of the ways you can use the leash. I’ve personally discovered at least 3 additional functions that are not listed in the video. I’m willing to bet you’ll discover even more.


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