Infinity Leash Tips & Tricks

The Infinity Leash is designed for everybody. When we say the Infinity Leash is multifunctional, we’re not kidding. Are you walk training? Try the slip/training collar function. Are you running errands and need to free up your hands? Go hands-free with the cross-body or waist option. Do you walk 2 dogs at once? No problem- it does that too. See what we mean by fully customizable?

Watch the Infinity Leash tutorial video for instructions on how to create all 10 functions.

To adjust the position of the figure-8 sliders, create slack by pulling outwards on the loop of cord that sits on top of the slider. This bit of relaxed cord will allow you to easily move the slider to your desired location on the leash. Once you are satisfied with the slider’s placement you can then remove the slack by pulling the cord the either side until the leash is taut.

Just like there are multiple ways to use the Infinity Leash, there are also multiple ways to safely attach the leash to your dog. The options include attaching to their collar, harness, or using the leash as a slip collar.

It’s easy to make a handle. Move the figure-8 slider into position roughly 12 inches from the clasp. Attach the clasp to the metal X on the underside of the figure-8 slider. Voila! You now have a handle. If the size of the handle feels too small or too large for your hand you can adjust the location of the figure-8 slider until you get to your sweet spot.

The Infinity Leash is designed to grow with your dog. Whether you’re training a puppy to walk on leash or taking a leisurely stroll with a senior pup, the Infinity leash offers functions that will complement and assist your walk needs. For novice leash walkers (and pullers) we recommend trying the training collar function. This feature is widely used by dog trainers as the best way to keep your pup safe while communicating proper walk etiquette. For more relaxed and experienced walkers, the choice is yours. You can opt to go hands-free with the cross-body leash or waist leash knowing that your pup will be as comfortable and confident as you are.

The Infinity Leash, despite its many features cannot train your dog to heel or ignore the impulse to chase squirrels. Ultimately, that responsibility lies with you. What a bummer, right? Good news though! The leash, when used properly will act as a training assistant to communicate your intentions to your pup all while maintaining safety.

Specifically for pullers, we always recommend trying the training collar function. This feature is widely used by dog trainers and dog walkers alike as it creates tension without choking. It also functions as a no-slip connection which means your stubborn puller will not be able to wiggle out, keeping them safe and close by your side during training sessions.  

No matter your pup’s level of training, we always recommend that you remain vigilant and engaged during each walk to ensure both human and pup remain safe.

The Infinity Leash weighs 7 oz.  It is a favorite of miniature dachshund owners as well as Mastiff owners. We do not recommend using it with toy sizes as the hardware may be a bit too heavy for those micropups.

Unlike other ‘hands-free’ leashes on the market, we have designed the Infinity Leash to fit a wider range of builds (both human and dog). For reference, ourleash can comfortably fit the waist of 55” while still maintaining enough slack to comfortably attach to your dog.