Balancing Business & Motherhood: A Conversation with Amy Kim, Founder of Kindtail

Balancing Business & Motherhood: A Conversation with Amy Kim, Founder of Kindtail

Mother's Day is all about celebrating the women who nurture, inspire, and empower us. This year, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a truly remarkable mompreneur: Amy Kim, the founder of Kindtail! We first met Amy during the whirlwind experience of the Target Accelerator program a few years back. Her innovative pet crate company, Kindtail, instantly caught our eye. But it was Amy herself who truly left a lasting impression.

Her infectious energy, unwavering dedication to her family (human and furry!), and all-around positive attitude quickly turned her into a friend, sounding board and future collaborator (more on that soon!). So, let's dive into the journey of this inspiring mompreneur and learn how she juggles motherhood, running a thriving business, and always maintaining that signature smile!


White dog sits inside pink KindTail crate with a neon sign above that says 'Be Kind'

Q: You're the brilliant mind behind Kindtail! What inspired you to create stylish and functional lifestyle goods for dogs?

A: I was living in NYC in an apartment and my wire crate was too ugly to leave out for dinner parties. I tried to collapse it and snapped my figure in it. I thought there has to something better out there! I looked for the best crate on the market and there wasn’t anything that got me excited.  That’s when I started on a quest to design the best crate there is.  We love our pets so much and yet why are we putting them in products that doesn’t make us feel good? (i.e. pet jail crates).  

We see this as a huge opportunity as there is a huge gap in the pet industry for hardgoods. 


Amy Kim, the founder of KindTail

Q: They say having a dog can prepare you for parenthood. In what ways has your dog shaped your experience as a mom?

A: It prepared me because I realized how much I loved being responsible for another life and caring for my dog. It helped me appreciate the role of a nurturer.


Q: Balancing motherhood and running a business is no easy feat. Can you share some insights on your journey and how you manage it all?

A: Balance—a magical word for all us moms. Running a business is challenging, but managing a home is even more demanding. Sometimes, I think about how much more productive I could be or how many more tasks I could accomplish if I didn't have to handle school pickups or weekend activities with the kids. Yet, in those moments, I am reminded of what truly matters most in my life. When I pass away, my business won't be there to hold my hand, but my family will.


Amy Kim quote overtop image of KindTail crates.

Q: We love how Kindtail crates seamlessly blend functionality with design. How have your personal experiences as a pet parent or human parent influenced your design choices?

A: I started KindTail because of my own relationship to my dog, Monkey. I went through a very difficult time and my dog Monkey saved me by being there for me.  Monkey gave me a reason to get up in the morning (literally) and gave me a purpose.   I truly understand a bond the between a pet and a pawrent.  We love our pets so much so why are we putting them in products that doesn't make us feel good? it made me want to elevate everything for my pet because it was my expression of love for him.

Dog mom stands with dog while holding the Kindtail crate with text graphic of quote from Amy Kim.

Q: As a successful mompreneur, what advice would you give to other women who are juggling their passions and parenthood?

A: Keep going! If you have a passion and itch to do something or to start something go do it. It may not be an easy one but worth while. My son was 6 yrs old and his friend was over for a playdate. They were playing and his friend said 'dreams don't come true' and I overheard my reply "That's not true, my mom's dream came true. She wanted to design and sell crates and now she does it" It dawned on me in that moment that our children absorb and witness our pursuit of dreams.


Learn more about Amy and Kindtail at and @kintailco and shop the Awoo x Kindtail Collab. 

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