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Welcome VIP! We are excited to have you join the pack and represent Awoo!

We are often asked what makes a good Awoo Brand Ambassador, and let’s face it, while we love all dogs, we can tell you first hand, not all dogs make good models. We speak from experience. Our dogs, unfortunately, both have a condition known as natural resting b**** face and, no amount of treats can change that.

We are less interested in your number of followers and more interested in the level of engagement of your audience. It is important to us that your account voice is aligned with our brand values and that you genuinely believe in all the brands you have partnered with. 

We also look to photography. Photos should be well lit, clear, and showcase our products well.

Pup Pawtraits

We are energized by creative seasonal images and photography that show off your pup’s personality.  Have fun with backgrounds or props and experiment with different angles and activities.  Every photo Awoo is tagged in should be well lit and show off our product.

You & Your Pup

#Howdoyouawoo is not just a hashtag. We want to see how your use your Awoo gear! We’ve intentionally designed each item to be as versatile as possible and we know everyone uses their Awoo differently. Show the world your favorite way to use the Infinity Leash. Brag about your favorite items. Did you just discover a new way to combine products? Show us! We want to see your personality and innovative spirit as much as we want to see your love for your pup.

VIP Tricks;

- Shoot your images in bright and well-lit places.

- Show your pup's personality! A tired pup is a happy pup.  Snap pics toward the end of playtime. 

- Get creative with poses, backgrounds, and props. 

- Photograph pup at eye level for best detail.

- Make sure product is visible and shown well.

- Simple and light backgrounds are the way to go. 

- Show us your favorite way to use each product: Ex: What is your go-to function of the Infinity Leash?