SPOTlight: Meet Olive

This month, in honor of National Service Dog Month, Awoo has teamed up with some of the hardest working pups in the US, along with their dedicated owners, to highlight the work they do and the immense impact they have had on those they work with. As a part of this segment, we are featuring the stories of Therapy Dogs. While not recognized by the ADA (American Disabilities Act) as Service Dogs, we at Awoo appreciate how vital their work is to the wellbeing and daily function of the humans they comfort.

We all know how intimidating it can be going to court to fight a parking ticket. Now imagine going to court as a child and not understanding why you’re there, and why the adults are asking so many questions.

This is where Olive comes in.

Awoo Service Dog- Olive Brandon McMillon

Olive was rescued on the streets of Los Angeles and despite her rough start, she had the disposition and understanding to become a therapy dog. With the best possible training from Brandon McMillan of CBS’s Lucky Dog, Olive earned her certification through Therapy Dog International and became a courtroom therapy dog in 2016.

Lisa Bax Groves, Olive’s dedicated owner, describes the poodle mix as the perfect resource and cuddle buddy to assist with stress and anxiety during visits to the courtroom.

Since she started her work, Olive’s gentle nature has greatly impacted the lives of her ‘little humans.’  She has even made some lifelong buddies.

In one particular case, Olive spent 2 years with a young boy helping him navigate the legal system. Their bond was so strong that she has been able to continue to play with him and watch him grow up outside of the courtroom.

Awoo Service Dog- Olive Brandon McMillan

For Olive, “The most challenging part of being a therapy dog is that I wish that some of these taller humans would speak in a kind tone of voice during courtroom appearances. It can make my humans feel uneasy and I sense all the turmoil they feel.”

Olive now lives and works in Missouri with her forever family. In the four years she has worked as a therapy dog, she has helped over 300 children.

A huge thank you to Lisa Groves Bas, Brandon McMillan (@animalbrandon), and of course Olive from the team at Awoo. You’re our heroes.

Awoo Service Dog- Olive Brandon McMillan

For every purchase using the code ‘OLIVE10’ for the next month, 5% of the profit from each order will be donated to American Humane, an organization selected by Olive and her owner Lisa that is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare, and well-being of animals.

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