SPOTlight: Meet Stunt Actress Shara Kim & Kumo


Q: Does Kumo have any nicknames?
A: "Kumo Kumo" - "Bum Bum" Lol not very creative 

Q: How would you describe Kumo’s personality? 
A: Kumo is extremely social. He must say hi to every pup we walk by. He also loves playing with the bigger dogs at the park, and he'll stand his ground if he needs to ....... BUT he's ready to come back to mum when things get too real lol. He is very playful, energetic and can be stubborn. Kumo has started his teens so he is testing me all the time.

Q: Does Kumo have any funny quirks or habits?
A: Kumo loves licking us in the morning but he'll do this weird thing where he just sticks out his tongue onto our arm or hand and does not lick but just leaves it there for at least 3-5 seconds, we call him a lizard.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with Kumo?
A: Kumo and I have found a love for adventuring. We will take drives outside of our city just to find cool trails with water and lots of trees and wildlife to explore.

Q: Tell us about your career- How did you come to be a stuntwoman?
A: Growing up I never wanted to be a stuntwoman, I didn't even know the job existed, I just figured that everyone did their own stunts. I think my generation of people grew up without you tube, or instagram and therefore information was limited into the behind the scenes world of film.
Dancing was my passion and career at the time. I competed in dance up until I was about 19 years old and taught from 17 until about 28years of age. I had done lots of commercials, TV shows and some movies as a "Dancer/Actor" but I was becoming disinterested with the world of dance, I had lost any drive or motivation to further myself in the field. I had made friends through live shows and corporate gigs that were stunt performers and I had decided to ask them how to get started. They told me " Start by training a general martial art and if you like the training then you're on your way, but if you dont its probably not for you.". Well I started with Muay Thai and realized I had finally found a new passion! My entrance into the film world as a stuntwoman though wasn't until I was almost 30. I was lucky enough to have the right skill set and be around the same size to stunt double the wonderful Stephanie Leonidas on a show filmed in Toronto called "Defiance". From there I quickly learned how much more I had to learn and that this journey was most likely going to be endless and that I would forever be a student. That notion excited me and on my journey I went!


Q: What type of training is involved?
A: Lots and lots of physical work is involved. Every performer has their Niche but for the most part, basic martial arts (boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo, etc), basic highfall, basic driving, weapons training, breakfall training, reaction training, basic camera knowledge (what helps you sell a stunt and what doesn't), acrobatics is helpful. From there the training is endless stunt driving training, film editing, wire work, advanced highfall, camera techniques and equipment, production work, the list goes on. 

Q: Can you share one of your favorite stories from doing stunt work?
 A: I think the cool thing about working in stunts is that you really get to see how everything happens on set. I have been a Star Trek fan since I was young and being able to be part of the new series was my favourite moment for me. Being able to be part of something that you grew up watching was just an amazing honour and let me truly appreciate the TV series that much more!

Q: What is the craziest/scariest stunt you’ve ever had to do?
A: I have to say that compared to what a lot of my colleagues get to do I don't know if anything I have done has been "crazy". But what I can tell you is that something that was memorable for me was having to do a fight sequence within a rotating stage. Think of the stage like one of those rotating tunnels in a fun house, lol. We would start the fight sequence, the stage would start rotating and we would have to continue our sequence while it was moving. We had choreographed moments where I held onto the stage and let it take me up and at the right moment I would let go and slide back down. If I held on too long then when I let go I would just drop from the ceiling and if I didn't hold on enough I would be too early for our next portion of the fight. It may not sound super crazy but it was definitely a challenge to be had.


We highly recommend checking out Shara's crazy impressive stunt reel.  Prepare to have your mind blown! Give Kumo a follow @little.pomsky.kumo and keep up with Shara's travels and gorgeous photography @luvlittles


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