SPOTlight: Meet Sarah & Rumble

October is Adopt a (Shelter) Dog Month and as a part of Awoo’s continued partnership with Muddy Paws Rescue we are shining a SPOTlight on their incredible team. 
Muddy Paws Rescue is a foster based rescue. Not a shelter. They have saved thousands of lives through foster-based care, advocacy, and community outreach. They have an extremely dedicated group of volunteers, donors, and employees that help make their life saving mission possible.  

Awoo: Tell us about yourself and your pup.

Sarah: My name is Sarah Darivoff. I’m a volunteer at MPR. Even though I don't have my own dog (yet), my favorite rescue dog is my fur-nephew Rumble, a Muddy Paws Rescue Alumni.

Awoo: What is Rumble’s origin story?

Sarah: Rumble first joined the MPR Pack in January 2017 as a shy and timid pup. Rumble was adopted by my sister and brother-in-law.  For them, helping him learn to trust and gain the confidence he needed over the last three years has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Awoo: How would you describe Rumble’s personality now?

Sarah: Rumble is part pup, part stuffed animal. He is both a couch potato and an adventurer. He equally loves snuggling into the corner of the sofa and chasing squirrels in the park. And he melts hearts on every walk as he loves to say hi to everyone we pass and give a sniff hello. Rumble also loves to travel with his family and play fetch with his two best friends, Mr. Fishy and Lambchop.

Awoo: What is your role at MPR?

Sarah: I have been volunteering with MPR for the past two years. As an MPR Adoption Ambassador and Finalizer I help our pups find their forever homes by meeting with potential adopters and finalizing adoption. I also serve as a member of the MPR Volunteer & Events Team and occasionally help out with some graphic design projects as well.

Awoo: How and why did you get involved with MPR?

Sarah: I got involved with Muddy Paws Rescue after my sister and brother-in-law adopted Rumble. I have always loved dogs and I wanted to be a part of the amazing work that Muddy Paws does to ensure that hundreds of dogs every year find their forever homes. Muddy Paws Rescue and the MPR Pack have become an incredibly meaningful part of my life. I truly value my relationships with MPR's amazing staff, volunteers, fosters, and pups (of course!) and I feel lucky to be a small part of this amazing organization!

Awoo: Can you tell us about any memorable experiences you've had while volunteering with MPR?

Sarah: During my second volunteer shift as an Adoption Ambassador, my last meeting of the day was with a great couple who were going to be first time dog owners. The first dog they took for a walk wasn't the right match for them and I knew the next dog they wanted to meet would not have been a good fit either. Instead, I suggested they meet with Dixie, a calm, sweet, Shepard Mix who had recently given birth to pups. It was a perfect match! Since I was new in the Adoption Ambassador role, it was really incredible to know that I made a difference in Dixie's life. It was truly amazing to help facilitate this special moment and send Dixie home with new forever family.

Want to support Muddy Paws Rescue?  Visit their website to learn about all the different ways you can contribute.  

Awoo is excited to offer an additional 15% off all Awoo orders with proof of donation to Muddy Paws Rescue.  
Additionally, all profits from your order of the Limited-Edition Sketch bandana go directly to Muddy Paws Rescue and their life saving missing.

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