SPOTlight: Meet Brittany, Louka & Tally

October is Adopt a (Shelter) Dog Month and as a part of Awoo’s continued partnership with Muddy Paws Rescue we are shining a SPOTlight on their team.  Muddy Paws Rescue is a foster based rescue. Not a shelter.  They have saved thousands of lives through foster-based care, advocacy, and community outreach.  They have an extremely dedicated group of volunteers and employees that help to make their life saving mission feasible.  

Awoo: Tell us about yourself and your pups.

Brittany: I’m Brittany Lee and my pups are Louka & Tally.

Awoo: What are Louka and Tally's origin story? 

Brittany: At the end of 2018, after fostering a lot of dogs and puppies, my fiancé banned us from fostering until 2019 so that we and our poor house could rest and recover. On January 1, 2019, my coworker texted me to tell me that she'd found a woman giving puppies from an unwanted litter away at the gas station. My coworker agreed to take the last one if the woman would let us give her a voucher to get her dog spayed for a discounted price, and the woman accepted. The next day, I met Louka at our office and took him home that evening to foster. After fostering for a while and being so impressed by his intelligence and fun personality, I finally convinced my fiancé to let us adopt him.

Brittany: Similarly, with Tally, in August my fiancé and I decided to take a break from fostering again. We’d just said goodbye to our last foster, who we’d thought might be the perfect dog to add to our family, but then we realized that his energy combined with Louka’s was just too much. Not long after, the shelter asked MPR if we could take a sweet Pitbull who needed her left eye removed due to glaucoma, and I fell in love with her happy photo and convinced Cameron to let us foster just one more time before we took our break. Between her eye and a skin infection, she wasn’t feeling well at first and was very subdued, but as time went on and she went to the vet, her personality started to come out and we found that she was an incredibly loving, calm dog with a playful side that came out from time to time. We realized that her energy level was more of what we were looking for all along and made her place in our home permanent.

Awoo: How would you describe Tally & Louka's personalities? 

Brittany:  Louka is a quirky guy. He’s generally a little nervous, but his personality shines through when he plays, and he becomes a confident pup with all the energy in the world. He loves attention from his people but is wary with strangers. He is very sensitive and eager to please, making him a very well-behaved dog (for the most part). Tally is a very mellow, calming presence. She loves attention from strangers and family alike, and spends her time at the dog park running from person to person to get pets from everyone she can. When her playful side comes out, she wrestles very politely with Louka or chews on her toys. She is very well-behaved, and it’s clear that her previous owner took the time to train and socialize her. 

Awoo: What kind of impact have Louka and Tally had on your life?

Brittany: Louka and Tally add so much happiness to my life. With the two of them combined, I have the best of both worlds: a dog to go on adventures with, and a dog to cuddle with at the end of the day. They constantly make me smile and laugh. I think our apartment would feel so quiet and lonely without them. Rescuing dogs of my own in general just provides me with a constant reminder of why I do the work that I do. I’m so happy that I was able to save these pups and give them a loving forever home. When I think about why I work in rescue, my first thought is that I want to save more dogs like them.

Awoo: What is your role at MPR?

Brittany: I am MPR’s Foster Program Coordinator.

Awoo: How and why did you get involved with MPR?

Brittany: Before I got involved at MPR, I was working at an animal shelter in the adoptions department. I found that I missed working for a foster-based rescue (which is where I started my career in animal welfare) and particularly missed working more closely with fosters. When I heard that MPR had a job opening, I applied immediately. I was so excited at the prospect of getting to know dogs in a foster environment where they can relax and show their true selves, and at building long term connections with foster families. I was also excited to step up my rescue experience by working with an organization that operated at a fast pace and high volume. I suspected I would learn a lot, but I had no idea how much I would learn and grow by working here.

Awoo: Can you tell us about any memorable experiences you've had while volunteering with MPR?

Brittany: I was only working at MPR for about a month when COVID-19 hit. I’d barely gotten to a point where I knew what I was doing, but then everything changed—for everyone, not just me. As difficult as it has been in some cases, I think it also presented a very special and rare opportunity. I got to be a part of completely rebuilding MPR to fit the constraints of working in a pandemic, which included coming up with totally new protocols and policies and brainstorming creative ways we could make an impact at a time when we were really unsure about the future I’m so proud of how our team has adapted to allow us to continue saving lives at a time when the dogs need us most.


Want to support Muddy Paws Rescue?  Visit their website to learn about all the different ways you can contribute.  
Awoo is excited to offer an additional 15% off all Awoo orders with proof of donation to Muddy Paws Rescue.  
Additionally, all profits from your order of the Limited-Edition Sketch bandana go directly to Muddy Paws Rescue and their life saving missing.

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