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Awoo Therapy Dog Month

This month, in honor of National Service Dog Month, Awoo has teamed up with some of the hardest working pups in the US, along with their dedicated owners, to highlight the work they do and the immense impact they have had on those they work with. As a part of this segment, we are featuring the stories of Therapy Dogs. While not recognized by the ADA (American Disabilities Act) as Service Dogs, we at Awoo appreciate how vital their work is to the wellbeing and daily function of the humans they comfort.
We’ve got news. Dogs can smell fear. It’s true. When your uncle told you that as a child, he wasn’t just trying to scare you. He was also giving you a biology lesson. What he forgot to tell you though, is that they can also smell your other emotions.
In a study done by the University of Naples, scientists found that dogs obtain a significant amount of emotional information from their olfactory system. This means they can interpret our feelings based on the scent of our sweat. Yup. That natural deodorant you’re wearing isn’t fooling anyone. When you’re feeling blue, Blue knows.

Just like humans, all dogs react differently when interpreting another’s emotions. Some dogs will mimic their human while others will avoid them entirely. Two incredible Doods living in Houston respond with unconditional love.  

Awoo Therapy Dog Month

Axl and Izzy are certified grief therapy dogs working full-time at Carter-Conley Funeral Home with their parents Lisa and Brad in Houston, TX. They’ve been trained to sense a person’s emotional needs and provide comfort to them. Axl and Izzy have the power to change the mood of a room just by being there. Sometimes, it’s as simple as their calming presence that helps to distract from the stress and sorrow for the grieving families.
As part of their training, the goldendoodles were highly socialized and exposed to a range of different behavior, sounds, and environments. As a result of their hard work, they not only assist within the funeral home, but they also bring joy to nursing and senior living facilities in the area. “Seeing the seniors’ joyous faces and hearing them talk sweetly to Axl and Izzy, telling them how their visit made their day, that is heart-warming,” explains Lisa.
Awoo Therapy Dog Month

Being the only grief therapy dogs in Houston, Axl and Izzy are quite popular. They go wherever they’re needed most, bringing joy and promoting healthy healing to their Houston community.

A big thank you to Lisa, Brad, Axl, and Izzy from the Awoo Team. Their funeral home is providing a vital service to their community, but they have gone the extra mile by adding a touch of humanity to an otherwise difficult experience. We hope more funeral homes will follow their lead.

Awoo Therapy Dog Month

For every purchase using the code ‘AXLIZZY10’ for the next month, 5% of the profit from each order will be donated to Paws With a Cause, an organization selected by Lisa, Axl, and Izzy, that work to enhance the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained Assistance Dogs.

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