Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Awoo is a female-founded and owned business. We are proud feminists. It's hard enough launching a business from scratch but I would imagine it even more challenging without our 'I am woman, hear me roar' mentality. We owe so much of our ability to confidently plow ahead as if there were never any barriers to the one and only RBG.  

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a feminist icon and champion of women's rights. She changed the way the law views gender and actively passed and blocked laws that have paved the way for future generations of women. Women like myself, who take for granted that we can open a bank account without a male co-signer, lease an apartment, and do not need to choose between a career and motherhood.   All thanks to RBG. 

You can search list after list of RBG quotes worthy of a tattoo or at the very least a T-shirt. She really knew how to eloquently slap you in the face with sound logic. There's one quote that is somewhat less popular but has stuck with me, nonetheless. It is not about dissent or women’s rights, but about life and balance.  

“When I started law school, my daughter Jane was 14 months. I attribute my success in law school largely to Jane. I went to class about 8:30, and I came home at 4 o’clock. That was children’s hour. It was a total break in my day. And children’s hour continued until Jane went to sleep. Then, I was happy to go back to the books. So, I felt each part of my life gave me respite from the other and gave me a sense of proportion that classmates trained only on law studies lacked. ...Having Jane gave me a better sense of what life is.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in The Atlantic, 2017.


While RBG was trailblazing and dismantling the patriarchy, she was also juggling responsibilities and relationships as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  She created work-life balance before that was even a term, and she viewed that balance as an advantage over her colleagues.   

We started Awoo for a myriad of reasons.  After 10 years of working in the less than equitable fashion industry for male-owned companies staffed by predominantly white females, we wanted more control. Control of hiring and salaries, along with manufacturing and design. Personally, we also wanted control of our time. Less time spent in an office and more time spent with our dogs.  Basically, we wanted a slice of RBG impact with a side of that RBG balance.

There are infinite reasons we admire RBG and just as many reasons that we want to emulate her.  Our list is long and this was just a chihuahua-sized glimpse. We will forever be amazed and inspired by her. RBG is a legend and we are forever in her debt.  

Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Rest in Power.

Now enjoy some photos of pups honoring RBG.




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