All about rePAWpose!

Starting today we want you to choose to rePAWpose your Awoo!
Whether your pup has outgrown their Awoo or loved it so intensely that it's no longer recognizable- don't throw it away! Earn store credit instead for every Awoo item you donate to an animal rescue or return to us.
Awoo products are designed to be rePAWposed.
We have consciously kept the chemical makeup of each material in your favorite Awoo products pure so it can easily be reused, recycled, or rePAWposed at the end of its useful life.
Here's how it works: 
Eligible Awoo products include: Pack Collar, Roam Harness, Huggie Harness, & Infinity Leash. 
Be a good human and only donate fully functional, undamaged items that the rescue will be able to use.

We're talking intensely loved, dirty and even chewed Awoo gear.  


Once your items or proof of donation are received- we will send a gift card to use on your next Awoo purchase!

Whether you originally purchased your Awoo products from us or one of our wholesale partners- fill out the form and we will provide a prepaid shipping label. **Currently, we only accept returns from US customers, but the donation option is available worldwide.**

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