Awoosletter: Beware of Dlog

(Not a spelling error.  It’s intentional.)
Yes, yes.  Another blog.  I know.  Does the world really need another blog?  To which I say… it’s getting one anyway.  Good news, though.  This blog is feel-good and animal focused.  The kind of blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously while introducing you to inspirational pups and their ultra-cool humans.  We’ll team up with talented chefs to provide pet-friendly recipes and keep you up-to-date on all pet care trends (and design trends, because you can take the girl out of fashion, but you can’t take fashion out of the girl).
If you’re still hesitant, look at it this way.  We’re the stray blog that you bring home, and your parents say you can’t keep but within a week we’re sleeping in their bed, your dad has named us, and we’ve somehow been added to the will.  What I mean to say is, you’re going to love us!
Also, bear with us. The names are a working title and if you think ‘Dlog’ and ‘Awoosletter’ are bad, well, I truly can’t argue with you but they’re also hilarious, so I’m going with it.
When we started building Awoo over 2 years ago, we knew we wanted our company to be more than our ethical products.  We wanted to replicate the feeling of community you experience in a dog park.   The same community where I don’t actually expect you to remember my name, but you’ll absolutely know my dog’s name (it’s Beatrix), her birthday (she’s a Sagittarius), and the fact that she sometimes eats poop (no one’s perfect).  And just like in the dog park, we may run in different circles or come from various backgrounds, but we all have one major thing in common.  We LOVE our dogs.
Buckle in.  We’re just getting started.  We’re so happy you’re here with us.  Welcome to the Pack.

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