Awoo x Studio Arugula Ceramic Collaboration

When it came time to expand into home goods we knew we wanted to design a sculptural food bowl. We first discovered Studio Arugula on Instagram and fell in love with their use of color, hand-painted details, and minimal yet bold silhouettes. We lucked out when the talent behind Studio Arugula, Shaya AlArfaj seemed just as keen to collaborate. 

We worked together for 6 months to design a collection of slip-cast, hand painted bowls that are as functional as they are beautiful. They are available in 2 sizes and 4 colors that will compliment your home and personal style.  They are lovingly hand-crafted using locally-sourced clay and sealed making them dishwasher safe.

Meet the talent behind the bowls

Studio Arugula is the creative exploration of Shaya AlArfaj, a ceramicist and product designer with roots in the UK and Kuwait. Through creating work by hand, studio arugula’s pieces are chunky, squiggly, and always color forward. Soft forms and the built world play equal parts in inspiring the  stories behind every design.

In Shaya's words: The ultimate intention of our work is to elevate and help deepen your connection to the moment. Each piece is formed using locally sourced clay slip which is then finished and painted by hand. Afterwards undergoing two sets of firings and a final double-checking before finding its way to its new home. 


 Shop Awoo x Studio Arugula's handmade Ceramic Wave Bowl. 

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